August 25, 2017

7 Month Update + Nuby Soft Plush Activity Ball Giveaway

Doesn't it feel like this year is just flying by? It's almost September, and so many changes coming up! Jayden is starting kindergarten soon and Gabriel is 7 months (today) and just so active! He's learned to crawl (real fast but not completely on his knees yet). In addition to putting everything he gets his hands on in his mouth, he constantly needs to be entertained and your presence is required if you put him down otherwise he'll scream as if he's been abandoned. I mean seriously, scream blood murder. I'm always out purchasing toys, anything that will possibly keep him occupied, and quiet--haha.

We received the Nuby soft plush activity ball from our friends at Nuby and has definitely become a current favorite of ours because it has different activities on the ball that will keep him occupied for a good amount of time (not forever I'll say! Kids I tell ya--not kidding) We recently brought it on a family trip for fun play in the car and in the pack and play while at the hotel.

It consists of different textures and activities to help promote hand-eye coordination. There is a donkey plush character that has a stretch element and can be hidden in the ball's side compartment. The other side of the ball has the same stretch element with a rattle ring that Gabriel loves to gnaw on, multiple spots of crinkling and squeaky noise to stimulate his senses. He loves anything soft so sometimes he'll lay he head on it like a pillow--cuteness overload.

We've partnered with Nuby to giveaway to one lucky winner a Nuby Soft Plush Activity Ball of your own! Head over to my Instagram (@terrimyang) on how to enter. Giveaway will start 8/25 through 8/27 (11:59 p.m. CST)

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