July 17, 2017

Minneapolis Night Out | Smack Shack

Guest post by Bea (explorempls.com)

Who doesn’t love date night? If you are like me, I am always excited to spend one-on-one time with my husband and look forward to our nights out all week long. Sometimes I run into the predicament that I can’t choose where to go! Minneapolis has so many great restaurants and options it can feel overwhelming when you have to make a choice.

I like to have a few options in my back pocket that are fun, tasty, and guaranteed to satisfy our hunger. Tonight, I chose Smack Shack. Living in Minnesota can make it challenging to get high quality and fresh Seafood (which I love so much) but however these guys are doing it, it’s working!

My favorite thing on the menu is the Smack Shack Original Lobster Roll. It’s filled with such good lobster it will make you wonder if you’re still in the Midwest. This style is served cold with cucumber and tarragon on a griddled milk bread bun. It comes with a side of fries that I usually get half way through since there are so many big chunks of lobster in the roll.

One of my husband’s favorites is the Lobster Mac N Cheese. Creamy, Taleggio cheese and corn with HUGE lobster chunks, how can you go wrong? It’s served with baked breadcrumbs for a little crunch. Even though it looks like a small portion, this is a super rich dish and I would recommend sharing as a starter or having it as a side to share with a few others. My husband generally eats this on his own, but I always take a few bites! My other favorites on this menu are the Lobster Guacamole and the Fried Shrimp Po’ Boy. So many options for Seafood Lovers to get their fix!

Lobster Mac.JPG

After Dinner went to Tattersall Distilling which is a craft distillery that makes some pretty delicious drinks. They make the spirits in house which I think makes the drinks taste better :) The inside is really pretty and they offer tours on Saturdays from 1-3 for $10. We haven’t checked this out but the cocktail room gives a sneak peak and it’s pretty impressive. The Wyn 65 food truck makes a pretty regular appearance here and if you have tried and love Lyn 65 you’ll love their on-the-go food too.


I love this date night for a summer night. It’s the perfect mix of delicious food and a fun atmosphere. So next time you are craving seafood, check out Smack Shack you won’t regret it!

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