June 1, 2017

Rainbow Cake Pops + 20% off with Foodstirs

My son, Jayden (JJ) is turning 5 at the end of August and he's definitely at this age where he likes to learn by asking 10 questions a minute and interact through varies fun activities. I'm going to really emphasize on the word fun. They get bored easily! After a while, you kind of run out of ideas and start doing the same things over again. And yes, they do pick up on it. 

It never occurred to me to be able to connect with my son in the kitchen, after all, I'm only just cooking in there but Foodstirs has made it easy to connect with our kids in the kitchen all while creating something fun and delicious. I'm sure you've heard the buzz. Foodstirs is a cooking and lifestyle company that creates kid-friendly baking and food crafting kits that comes with everything you need all measured out in the box (minus the ingredients such as eggs, butter, milk etc.) All the ingredients are organic!

If you know JJ, he loves cake pops. Whenever I go to Starbucks or we walk into Target, "Mommy, can I have a cake pop?" It's actually something he doesn't get all the time so when he does, it's a sweet surprise/reward. That being said, JJ and I made rainbow cake pops from Foodstirs.

"It's like play-doh, but it smells really good!"
- Jayden

We spent approximately 3 hours total together. Creating the cake balls took the most time and he definitely had a lot of fun with that part. A few times he would forget we were making cake pops and he'd start creating a body for the "head" and rolling them into snakes. I'd have to tell him, "Honey, we can't put sticks on that." Ha. I love his imagination though! JJ has already chosen the next baking box to make--the chocolate frosted cake pops! 

If you are looking or something fun to do with your kids, nieces, nephews, friends, spouse or even just by yourself, give Foodstirs a try! Check out the different kits here and you can save 20% with code terri20

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  1. Yum! Now I'm craving something sweet! I've never heard of foodstirs but it sounds like a cute idea so that kids can bond with parents all while cooking :)

    1. Hi Noelle! It's great to do with anyone. I always refused to bake from scratch even though I absolutely love sweets because I would see all the sugar that goes into it then I can't get myself to eat the finished product. Lol. Premixed and measured boxes I can definitely do.