June 30, 2017

5 Month Update + Our Current Favorite Nuby Products

As I sit and look down at Gabriel everyday, I'm still in awe and cannot believe he's already hit the 5 month mark (that's almost half a year!) He's hit so many milestones this past month, including holding his own bottle, rolling over, teething, and starting solid foods. It's all so exciting, and you betcha momma's documenting every moment of it! 

As exciting as teething sounds, it's also the most difficult phase so far. His bottom two have peeked from the gums so he's definitely been fussy--lots of drooling, hand eating, and trying to stick whatever he gets his hands on into his mouth. 

Happy Hands Teething Mitten
We've tried many teething products, however the Nuby Happy Hands Teething Mitten is by far our current favorite! 

It's basically a teething mitten you put on either one of his hands, with an adjustable velcro strip for closure around the wrist. The tip of the mitten has multiple silicone teething surfaces, perfect for soothing sore gums, and the mitten itself makes a crinkling sound when touched! I really do love this because I don't have to worry about him dropping it on the ground like his other teethers or his pacifier and I have to run to rinse/wash it off every time! Additionally, it keeps him pretty occupied because for some odd reason, babies show a lot of interest in their hands! ha, and this is a perfect additional to that very interesting hand of theirs. 

Fresh Garden Mash n' Feed
Great, he's teething, which means he's also started solid foods--Yay! And I really mean that "Yay" because it's been really fun making food for him to try. He's been showing a lot of interest in the food that we eat where he'd eye the spoon from the plate to our mouths and sometimes he'll open his mouth and charge for it. 

So I decided to introduce him to fruits and vegetables, and rice cereal (he doesn't really like this, probably because it's bland) We've been using the Nuby Mash n' Feed, which comes with a food masher, a mashing bowl, a spoon, and a sealing lid for the bowl. I love it because it's extremely easy to use and clean, plus it's affordable!

It makes homemade food easy to prepare and store. It mashes fruits and steamed vegetables easily. The bowl has a non-slip base, which is perfect for mashing food and for feeding. You can make individual portions or larger batches for freezing individually. 

EZ-Squee-Z Feeder
Another thing I love, and Gabriel's still getting used to, is the Nuby Ez-Squee-Z Feeder. I can easily transfer food I've mashed and pureed into this feeder for on the go. 

It's perfect for the transition to semisolid foods and purees, as well as promoting self-feeding. The valves on the feeding pouch prevent drips and spills while being gentle to child's gums and emerging teeth by restricting flow without pressure on the bottle or bulb. It also comes with a cap closure (just like a bottle) when baby is not using it. 

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