May 10, 2017

Viva Las Vegas 2017

I’m completely drained. This week has flown by so fast, it’s been almost two weeks ago now that I was in Vegas but it feels like I just got back. One of my girlfriends (technically she’s my aunt, same generation as my dad) is getting married next month and wanted to celebrate her bachelorette party in Las Vegas. It’s been six years since I last visited, honestly, not much has changed. 

The weekend was pretty much planned out with a few hours of free time. Here’s a recap of our trip. There were 12 of us total, and everyone stayed at Treasure Island for the weekend. 10 girls flew out Thursday night. My girlfriend and I flew out Friday morning. Once we arrived in Vegas, we met up with some of the girls (as some had gone on the Hoover Dam tour that morning) and went to have breakfast at Denny's. (I know, if all places right?)

After breakfast we walked the strip.  

This is the bride to be. You are not experiencing the whole Vegas ordeal until you walk around holding one of these. ha. 

I'm from the midwest so we do not have an In-N-Out hamburger joint so believe me when I say I was so excited to try it given how much hype and delicious they always looked in photos. Although I do not like cheese and don't order a double meat burger, ever, I decided why not go all out and experience the "real deal" so I went ahead and ordered combo #1 double-double with double meat and double cheese (which also comes with a side of fries and a drink). 

I gotta say, I'm not that impressed. Maybe my expectations were too high? I don't know but I wasn't even a little impressed. I think i'd order a whopper from Burger King next time. 

Saturday night, we went to eat at a fancy restaurant, Eiffel Tower, inside you guessed it... the Paris hotel.  It was $$$ but it was really good and we ended up passing our food around for everyone to try. I ordered the duck with Minnesota wild rice. It's funny, because I normally don't like duck but it was appealing that night, and surprisingly, really good! 

The guest of honor also requested that we all wear purple that night. I just wanted to add how special Lisa is in my life. She was my maid of honor five years ago when I got married. When my family moved to Minnesota in 1997 I didn't know anyone beside my grandparents, and Lisa was the first person to become my friend. There are so many stories I could tell about us but they are quite embarrassing, so I'll just leave it at that. 

Sunday was much warmer and less windy. We didn't have anything planned for Sunday so everyone just did as they pleased. I was able to enjoy and do somethings on my own. One highlight was eating brunch at Giada's! I wish my husband could of tried it with me (we're really into the food network shows and we also love Italian food!) The restaurant was actually booked but I waited about 10 minutes for a bar seat to open up. Because it was lunch, there wasn't a full list of pastas on the menu so I ordered the Salmon Cake Benedict and it was amazing!. If you must know, I love fish so this was definitely a home run for me.

It was great trip with the girls but by the last day (okay, the first night) , I was ready to return home to my family and my babies!

Tank: similar | Shorts: Target | Crossbody Bag: Target | Sandals: Target | Sunglasses: Ann Taylor


  1. You looked so cute in purple! That's cool it wasn't black like pretty much all bachelorette parties I've been to!

    But wait, you didn't like in n out?! What? I guess I'm biased because it's totally a big deal here but I love that the ingredients taste fresh and not greasy. But I think everyone has their own palette so I understand :) I'm going to Vegas at the end of the month and I'm super excited. It doesn't change much lol. I guess that's good and bad!

  2. Lol Noelle! I know, I'm disappointed I didn't like it! How exciting you're going to Vegas! Is it for a bachelorette party? ;) It would of been awesome if we had gone at the same time!

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