March 27, 2017

Two Month Postpartum Update + My Baby Must-Haves

I'm not sure if I should say, "It's already been two months?" or "It's only been two months?" Still trying to figure out whether time flew by or time slowed down this month. Regardless, things are much easier than it was the first month. We've figured out how to adjust to a new schedule. Gabriel wakes up about every 4 hours to eat so he's really only getting up once in the night and then again really early in the morning around 6-7, however after that feeding I don't really get to go back to sleep because he'll go down for 30 minutes to an hour before being up again. He is still a little yellow (from his jaundice) but we were told that it goes away much slower for breastfed babies than formula fed babies. His two month old appointment is scheduled for this Wednesday so we'll see what else he says. 

I've been able to find a schedule that works for me on how to get things done in between feedings and naps, and not to mention pumping. Honestly, I hate pumping. When baby goes down for a nap and I think I can finally get this or that done, or maybe get in a quick nap, I know I have to pump first and by the time I'm done, the baby is up. I had my six week postpartum checkup two weeks ago. Everything looks good and my doctor gave me the okay to start working out again. I've been scouting for a gym in the area since we have only been in this city for a few months. My husband purchased an elliptical which I've used a few times but I need variety. I started the insanity workout which I haven't done in years, and I almost died... just doing the fit test! Ha. 

Right now, my biggest struggle is trying to maintain a healthy diet and get enough nutrients for baby and I since I'm exclusively breastfeeding, without gaining extra weight in the process. In the past few weeks, I started feeling really lightheaded, weak and tired. More so than I had been since having the baby. I think it was from lack of nutrition so I had increased my food intake. According to my research, breastfeeding mom's need 300-500 more calories a day. Believe me when I say, the struggle is real!

My Top 10 Baby Must-Have Items.

I've come up with a list of baby must-have items that has made life a whole lot easier for me that I'd like to share. If you have anything that works for you that you'd like to share with me, please let me know and I'd love to try!

1. Tommee Tippee Pump and Go Bottle Warmer. (You can find it here)
This is definitely a time saver. This bottle warmer is simple to use. You simply warm up the milk by selecting your settings. It has three milk settings in which you can choose from, including frozen, refrigerated or room temperature. And three settings for the type of container you are using, plastic bottle, glass bottle or milk pouch. And how much milk you are warming up. This way you can pop it in the warmer and continue to do what you need to do, instead of having to stand over the sink trying to warm milk under running water. 

2. Tommee Tippee Pump and Go Breast Milk Pouches. (You can find here)
I like these specific milk pouches/bags for a few reasons. One, its kind of a package deal with the warmer above. Two, I can pump directly into the bag using an adaptor (purchased separately) with my Medela breast pump without worrying about spills or transfers. Tommee Tippee also has a pump-and-go bottle in which you can simply snap the milk pouch (once you've warmed it up) into and start feeding! You can find the starter set here, which includes the pouches, adaptors, and click pump-and-go bottle.

3. Muslin Swaddle Blankets. (You can find here)
We use muslin swaddles because they are made of breathable fabric and keeps Gabriel from getting too warm as he is swaddled up most of the time when he naps or sleeps. The reduction of overheating the baby, can also reduce the risk of SIDS. 

4. Pamper Swaddlers. (You can find here)
This is my go-to choice of diapers because it has the wetness indicator line that turns blue when wet (yellow when dry). That way when you are checking baby for a wet or dirty diaper, you can determine by the color of the line without having to take the diaper off. There are other diapers that have the wetness indicator line, but this is the brand I've been using. 

5. Playtex Diaper Genie. (You can find here)
I didn't realize how important a diaper genie was the first time around. At that time, we didn't even register it on our Target baby registry, but received it as a gift anyway. This time around we knew it was a must-have. A diaper genie is a disposal for dirty diapers. It saves you time from going outside to throw away dirty diapers, and keep your house from smelling like poo if you decided to throw them away in your regular trash can. Especially if your trash can is in the kitchen, that's a no-no. The diaper genie already comes with one bundle of trash bags for the diaper genie, something most people don't realize.

6. Aquaphor Ointment. (You can find here
At about a month, Gabriel started getting small bumps on his forehead and cheeks. At first we thought it was baby acne, something you should leave alone and it'd go away by itself. Soon enough, the redness started to spread on his cheeks and started getting scabby and irritating for him. Yep, you guessed it-- eczema. Because the skin is so delicate, its quite scary to find products that you'll want to put on the area in fear that it might make it worse. Our pediatrician recommended a few different brands of ointment for eczema and this is the brand we use-- and his face cleared up within a week! We apply it after a bath to the area to lock in moisture. Sure, it may make him look greasy and shiny but it works! 

7. Baby Boppy. (You can find here
This is great for nursing but also great for holding baby in your arms without tiring it out. My husband probably uses this more than I do. Although I'm the one nursing, I don't always use it, however my husband uses it to rest baby on all while holding him to sleep. It's also great for tummy time. (also great for when mommy wants to take a quick nap) You can purchase cute designed covers separately for your boppy. 

8. Nursing pads. (You can find here
Seriously, I hate wearing these but when you're breastfeeding, it's a must-have otherwise you'd be throwing out your shirts all the time! TMI-- but sometimes you leak, even when you're not feeding. I wear the Lansinoh brand, however any brand would work if you're not picky. 

9. WubbaNub. (You can find here)
I admit, I initially purchased the WubbaNub online when I was pregnant because it was cute, but it has become so much more. We also received a few of the Nub pacifiers without the stuffed animal but we find what works for us and baby, it must include the stuffed animal. There's so many reasons as to why these are a favorite to many moms--including not losing the pacifier and easy grasp for baby. As we experienced, without the stuffed animal, the pacifier easily falls out of Gabriel's mouth and onto the floor, however with the stuffed animal, if he drifts off to sleep and the pacifier slips out of his mouth, it's always close enough to where he can grasp it again with his mouth just by slightly turning his face for it. Hard to clean? No way. You wash the pacifier with a bottle nipple brush and the stuffed animal can be hand washed. 

10. Socks. (You can find here
I just have to put it out there-- baby mittens are a waste of money. They've never worked for us because they aren't secure enough and always slipped off. So I recommend getting extra pairs of socks, because you'd need them for both the baby's feet and hands. Socks on the hands work wonders! Keeps the baby for scratching their face and clawing their eyes out. 

I hope this was helpful! If you're expecting and would like to add or start a baby registry, click here and start adding these goodies to your list!

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