March 7, 2017

Coffee Break | Dogwood Coffee (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Happy Tuesday! I hope you had a good weekend! The weather has been good to us again. I wonder if it's going to snow anymore! (Of course it is) but one can only hope right? My younger sister and I do not have a lot in common but one thing we do-- is a list of local coffee shops that we'd love to try! So this past weekend, I told her, "Let's do it!" (I also have a list national coffee shop list too but we'll get to that when we do). 

I mentioned in my previous post that I had cut out coffee from my diet since I'm breastfeeding. I know, I'm dying from thirst for just even a drop. Baby is sleeping well throughout the night, and it's definitely okay (according to my research) to start adding things back into my diet, including coffee. Our stop was Dogwood Coffee in Saint Paul. I believe this is their newer location, which probably explains the very limited selection of pastries. Seriously, it was just a few scones and a sad little croissant sitting behind a glass on the counter. My intentions and mind was screaming "coffee!" but I saw something else on the menu I wanted more, a Matcha Latte! I do love me some matcha and it did not disappoint. You could very much taste the matcha flavor. Once I hit the bottom of the cup, some of the powder started to settle on the bottom so I had to swirl what was left of my milk to dilute it. Overall, I left satisfied with my drink, but the croissant (yes, that last one) was-- in the words of Chef Anne Burrell, Dry-ay-ay. 

We headed downtown Minneapolis for an "adventure" I guess, or we were really just going and I missed it! Before I moved to the Twin Cities over five years ago, I did not like downtown Minneapolis at all. The roads were always busy, the sidewalk packed with people going at every green and red light, and don't even get me started on the countless one-ways. Once I started working in downtown Minneapolis three years ago when I landed my first paralegal job, I grew to love downtown because really, it is like an adventure. There are numerous things you can do! We were right in the neighborhood where that job was and I was pointing out to my sister where this had happened and "...that's where I went for lunch, ... oh and I walked here!" Ha. It was amazing.

This is the outfit I wore on Saturday. I definitely have a thing for the dark green military vest style. I feel more empowered with this type of style on the weekends than I ever did wearing business casual outfits to a 8-5 job. 

Vest: (Love this similar one on sale!) | Sweater and jeans: Target | Bag: Kate Spade Saturday (no longer available) | Booties: JustFab

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  1. First, I have never tried a matcha latte! I know, I'm probably the last person left. There have been a lot of new coffee shops popping up in my town and I want to try them all too! And second, I love your vest! I need to wear mine.