February 22, 2017

Park + Plaid Blanket Scarf

The weather was nice to us over the weekend. We spent Saturday at the parkwith the kids then headed to grandma's house for dinner. I'm not a person who checks the weather on a daily basis (I really should) and my husband told me it was in the 50s! I was exciting to be able to step outside without a coat or jacket! It was a perfect day for a blanket scarf (like any other day isn't); I decided to go with a gray plaid patterned one. It's more of a wrap or shawl than a scarf. I felt it kept my outfit casual with the subtle color and definitely kept out the chill of the wind. Is Spring just around the corner?

On another note, I can't even begin to tell you how good it feels to get out of the house! Since Gabriel was born (he's going to be one month at the end of this week!), we haven't really gotten out too much except to go to the grocery store or to the pediatrician's office, and even then, it's hard enough because I'm afraid he'll catch something since he's still brand-new.

Plaid Scarf: Ann Taylor (no longer available - alt. here) | Cardigan: Rachel Parcell (on sale!) | Washed Denim and Tank: Target | Shoes: Converse | Sunglasses: old | Necklace: Tiffany & Co.

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