February 2, 2016

That Denim Trench Though

I think we have been pretty spoiled with good weather these couple of days--of course only before a HUGE snow storm hits. I work at a law firm downtown Minneapolis and our dress code is pretty casual, however not to dress yourself down too much. Most days, or actually all the days that I work, I go for business casual and with this look, there was nothing more perfect (especially the weather that I didn't have to bundle up like a marshmallow) so I took advantage of wearing something lighter like this denim trench coat. The denim brings a casual vibe to the outfit, yet still sophisticated enough that I don't get sent home to change. (kidding).
Denim Trench: Ann Taylor (sold out. similar here) | Cardigan, Top, Denim Jeans, and Boots: Target! | Necklace: Old Navy (picked out by my 3-year-old) 

1 comment :

  1. looks pretty chilly where you are. Love how you gave two ways to wear your jeans.