February 22, 2016

Skincare Routine

During the winter my skin gets extremely dry. I find myself constantly trying different products in hope of finding something that'd work for me. In addition, I also have sensitive skin so a search for  new products makes me hesitant and cautious. However, I have finally found a new skincare routine that works for me and I'm currently loving.

 Mornings: When I wake up in the morning,
 I wash my face with Boscia Purifying Cleansing Gel.
 I received this as a Christmas gift from one of my
 good friends, and it actually comes with the Konjac
 cleansing sponge but I actually prefer to use it with
 just my fingers. I feel I get more out of it that way,
 gently rubbing it in circular motions creating a bit of
 foam. This cleanser is gentle on the skin and provides
 thorough purification leaving my face feeling fresh.
 It's also free of paragons, sulfates, and pathlates.

 After cleansing and drying my face, I use Clinique
 Even Better Essence Lotion, and I will have to admit
 that this is my favorite of all! What really amazed
 me about this product is how hydrating it is! At first I
 questioned myself for purchasing it because the consistency
 of this product is watery; yes, just like water but unlike
 water which absorbs and dries up your skin, this absorbs
 into the skin and hydrates it! I was also expecting it to
 sting my face once it absorbed, but it did NOT, and thats
 because it does not contact alcohol! In addition, its to
 increase clarity and improve skin texture, brighten, and reduce irritation.

 Once I've provided hydration, I use Clinique's Dark Spot 
 Corrector serum. This product is to reduce dark spots and
 blemishes. I use it mainly to reduce the appearance of
 redness on my face and have noticed that it has gradually
 faded - additionally my skin is more calm and less irritated.
 Two tiny pumps is enough to cover my whole face so even
 after a month's use, there's still plenty left possibly to last
 another month. This is the last facial product I put on before
 I do my makeup from the day so I also wanted to add that it
 is not oily or heavy. It's like a perfect base for my foundation :)

 Nighttime: At the end of the night, I use
 Boscia's Makeup Breakup Cool Cleansing Oil
 in the shower to remove my makeup. The
 directions say to use on dry face but I like to
 wet my face a little first. Its gentle yet effective -
 easily breaks down my makeup, including water-
 proof eyeliner and mascara without using too
 much pressure and scrubbing. Once I'm all
 washed and out of the shower, I redo steps 1-3
 before bed.

If you try any of these products, let me know how you like it!


  1. I love skincare and also have dry skin! I really like Clinique products, and am curious about the lotion! I had been using their moisturizing gel but switched to a different brand that I worked with. I would go back in a heart beat though! Great post :)

  2. Thanks! It works great on dry skin; I love it. I'm looking into trying out some more of their product. What did you switch to? :)

    1. I use glo therapeutics now because they've sent me some products to try out in the past, and I'm waiting for another package from them. If you look them up on Instagram you'll see how wonderful their products are. I use the pure hydration and it works wonderfully