September 15, 2015

Jayden's Barnyard Birthday Bash

I remember shortly after his 2nd birthday, I had asked Jayden what he wanted to do for his 3rd birthday. His response was (verbatim), "Animal Cupcake." As the months went by and he started to talk and learn more words, the answer became, "Animal birthday" to "Animal birthday party." But I had already decided from the moment he said, "animal cupcake" that his next birthday theme was going to be Old McDonald Had A Farm. Initially I had planned to "go all out" ordering animal sugar cookies, custom made cake, costumes and burn a hole in my wallet with decorations-- but my husband, who finally after almost four years of marriage learned how to keep me from going overboard by insisting on coming with me on all my runs. (I guess four years on my own was a good run) Regardless, I was pretty satisfied with how everything turned out, and so is J.
This was the appetizer table. 
For food, we baked a turkey, green beans, side of beef Thai salad, rice, and egg rolls (per Jayden's request from my mother in law.) Not your usual kids' party food, but we have a big family :) 

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