May 2, 2015

Almost Blue It

I remember it like it was yesterday when I went in for an interview at a law firm, wearing this exact outfit--minus the distressed jeans of course. I wore cropped black pants instead. I hardly ever have to drive downtown Minneapolis, so I relied solely on my phone to navigate me, however, it doesn't always tell you exactly where the building is, where to park etc and sometimes... it's wrong. Anyway, I pulled into a parking lot, closest to where the building supposedly was. Then I started walking, looking for the building number but I was surrounded by huge buildings that did not have visible numbers so walked back and forth, looking up to cross the streets and down to look at my phone, on the same street area, literally because its suppose to be around here. By the time I found the building I was already a few minutes late. I did get to do the interview and wasn't really expecting a call back, but I did! I got a second interview-- and I got the job! Anyway, that was last year, and I still currently work there but I just want to share that story with you, given that I was flooded with that memory of me running around downtown like a chicken with its head cut off when I wore this outfit today.
Cardigan: Premise Studio | Collared dress shirt: Forever 21 | Distressed denim: LOFT | Shoes: Nine West | Sachet bag: Kate Spade Saturday (discontinued) | Sunglasses: Forever 21

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