April 20, 2015

Play Hooky

Working full-time five days a week, come home, eat dinner, go to bed and repeat--that's a schedule that most of us have, and sometimes we need a vacation just to keep us sane. That's why I decided to take a mini getaway to the windy city with two girlfriends. One of them just got a new position as an OR nurse and wanted to take a vacation before she started, because once she starts, it's a six month period of no time off. Plus, we were overdue for a girls trip anyway.
Welcome to Chicago.
Our stay in Chicago was amazing! I found a place through the app Airbnb. If you love traveling, I'd recommend checking out that app/site if you aren't using it already. 
I found Pita Heaven while I was looking for recommended restaurants prior to our visit and knew immediately I had to stop there! It's a Mediterranean restaurant; their food was amazing! The portions were quite large, I had to get a doggy bag. 
My very own nurse while I travel. Lol. We were on our way to pick up our girlfriend at the O'Hare airport, because we are such good friends! It was a 55 minute ride! I have to say, once you pick up how the CTA line runs, getting around is so much easier!
Banana and almond butter on toast; easy breakfast before we started our day.
I love love water animals so as you can imagine, I was ecstatic when I arrived at the Shedd Aquarium. 
Doesn't this starfish just remind you have Patrick from Spongebob?
I fell in love with the belugas! Such beautiful creatures. 
While we visited the Shedd Aquarium, we also saw a short movie in 4D "Sea Monster." I was really impressed with the quality of the movie, and the experience--during the scenes where it looks like you're about to be splashed with water, you literally get splashed with water, right in the face! haha it was totally awesome. Scenes where the fishes are swimming and creating bubbles, there were actual bubbles floating into the room. 
The first stop in Chinatown, I was like, "Not am I only hungry, but we have to at Joy Yee Noodle!"
The food and drinks selections were extremely overwhelming--not kidding. It took us at least half an hour deciding what we wanted. 
The following day we went to Millennium Park to see Cloud Gate (aka The Bean). 
Navy Pier--the water is gorgeous. It's hard not to want to dive in. Only that it was cold.. and I didn't feel like getting arrest while on vacation :P
You didn't think I'd visit Chicago and not stop at Sprinkles cupcakes now did you? So deeeeliciousssss. 
See you next time Chicago!

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