December 15, 2014

Gift Guide (for Her) Under $25 | Target

Christmas gift shopping is so much fun, especially if you enjoy the gift of giving. But sometimes we get stumped on what to get that someone, whether its your wife, girlfriend, sister, mom, or aunt so I thought that in today's post I will give you some gift ideas 'for her'. If you would like to see a 'for him' gift guide, I can definitely share some of the things I've been thinking of but honestly I still have trouble when it comes to picking out a gift for my husband. Today's gift guide is with Target and everything I picked out is under $25! I can't even begin to tell you how much I love shopping at Target. I call it my 'happy place.' Target continues to amaze me with their styles on clothing. I find these oversized cardigans very stylish and versatile. They're also great for the winter! Also are their selections of knitted scarves and hats. I take public transportation to work to avoid traffic in the morning, and sometimes, a good pair of mittens, scarf, and hat is all the accessories you need in such cold weather. Lastly, are these gorgeous statement pieces that will make any outfit. Although such pieces look great with any outfit, I really enjoy pairing them with solids, mostly casual (jeans and a tee.) If only this was a touch screen where I can touch and drag each piece to the outfits on my screen, wouldn't that be amazing?

Some items additional 30% off with code: JOY30. If you have a red card, shipping is free if ordering online!

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