October 30, 2014

What the--Craft??

I wish I could be more crafty. I love it—however I get bored of the same stuff and that light bulb in my head doesn’t come on to create new things. It’s because I choose to leave it off—its called ‘Lazy’. (ha ha) Anyway, we usually don’t get too excited about Halloween. My husband actually doesn’t want to celebrate it at all, but Jayden is in daycare and the parents are doing a Halloween festival party where all the little ones dress up and play games and we all gather and the whole shebang. So that light bulb in my head lit up and I got super excited. I didn’t want him to be just anything but something that incorporated the things he loves—and that’s animals! Jayden is in this phase now where he loves animals—from zoo animals to farm animals he will name them all like the proudest kid with the biggest smile on his face. So the idea of him being a Farmer was perrrrfect!

I went out and bought a pair of denim overalls and a plaid button up shirt. I was a little bummed that I didn’t find a red plaid shirt in toddler size because that was what I had envisioned, but I can live with the one I settled for. I also had to buy a new pair of tan boots because he outgrew his from last winter, and lastly, a straw hat! The hat is a little too big so that reminds me I still have to get some cushion pieces and glue it on the inside. J hates hats so I doubt he’ll wear it longer than a minute but hey, this is what mama envisioned and we have to fulfill that. Now, he is wearing this to daycare also, where kids are not to bring toys from home, and without the animals around, the outfit will be plain. I decided to order some iron-on farm animals and place them all over his outfit. Bummer again—the seller I ordered from hasn’t shipped them out and it’s been two weeks! Communication was terrible and I was told they will be shipped twice, yet I haven’t received or heard anything. The reviews on the seller was extremely bad—slow shipping, no communication, did not receive item etc, but the farm animals she was selling were perrrfect so I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt. Bad idea. I checked local crafts stores but I guess farm animals are not that popular these days.

That’s when I decided to make the farm animals myself and hand-stitch them on. Making the animals took less time than I thought—made three in less than an hour. Stitching on the other hand, was a little harder and by the time I was done, my fingers were red and sore. My iPhone doesn’t read my thumb scan very well right now but totally worth it! I also sewed a piece of red handkerchief I got from the craft store to one of the back pockets. He will be wearing it tomorrow so I’ll post pictures then J


  1. You did an amazing job girl!! Looked like so much fun to put together! I love the costume! :)

    1. Thanks! I felt accomplished afterwards, but I doubt I'll do it again any time soon. Lol :)