October 20, 2014

Barbary Fig: A day of food and fellowship

I have a thing about small family-owned places--they are unique and always seem to never disappoint! I had Sunday brunch with two of my wonderful friends: Sandy and Kao Nhia. The funny thing is, we met on YouTube and have become such great friends. I really enjoyed their company this past weekend. We went in to dine at Barbary Fig, a Mediterranean restaurant, for brunch at noon and we had become lost in our conversations that it was 6PM and they were serving dinner.When the waitress approached our table, I thought she was going to ask us to leave if we weren't going to order anymore food, however the chef, who was the sweetest man, made an appetizer for us, on the house, since we were there so long. Overall, I had an amazing day, lost in our conversations about life, love, and faith. It was like I've always known you--my sisters from another mister :) XO

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  1. Lol my sister from another mister hahah love that. It was such a pleasure to be sitting with ya two :))) I couldn't stop talking about u guys after I came home to my husband. You girls have brought new and bright energy into my life!!! Love ya Hun.