July 25, 2014

Testing out my new sneakers

I'm feeling pumped just looking at these pictures again. Including this pair, I currently only own two pairs of sneakers. My other pair are the Nike In-season TR 2 which I absolutely love! However, I recently picked up these C9 by Champion Paradigm from Target (here) because first of all, they were on sale ($8.98!) and they also so cute and girlie! Normally, I don't step outside of my "Nike-zone" when it comes to sneakers, but I tried these babies on and they were really comfortable! Last night, I decided to take them for a run and test them out. I ran for 31 minutes (I meant to set it at 30 minutes but must have released the [up] arrow a little too late so it set at 31) and my thoughts on these are: they are light and give my feet enough room that it didn't hurt when I ran. However, I could feel that they wouldn't be too comfortable if worn longer. If I was going on a long-all-day hiking trip, I wouldn't bring these. Overall, these are great for short-term wear and gives your workout attire a pop of girly--ness. (Just sayin', because my Nike sneakers are black and they make me feel kind of 'manly' so I try to pair them with a colorful top) 

I used to watch 'Twilight' while I ran so when I saw this top, I had to get. Lol.

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  1. Manly??? Lolol girl u r too silly. Luv that top and shoes