June 17, 2014

Coffee Break

So I'm sure by the name of my blog, you are not surprised that I love Starbucks? I actually love coffee in general so I'll take that homemade coffee you're brewing right now :)
This is my first post, so I shall introduce myself. I'm Terri! It's so nice of you to stop by my blog. I realize that my coffee cup says "Carrie", it's funny how often I stop at Starbucks but more than half of the time my name is spelled wrong. One of my friend shared an article with me on some of the top misspelled names at Starbucks; some of those failed names were ridiculously funny. But back to my cup, I'll gladly be Carrie Bradshaw any day. *wink
This is actually the third blog I've created so I'm quite familiar with the process of posting, however I'm not sure what the problem was with my last blog when all (yes all) my pictures weren't visible anymore. So I'm starting fresh. See you in a few.

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